Resonance Education

Resonance Education’s mission is to amplify health by educating healthcare providers and documenting improvements in knowledge, competencies, and practice. The Resonance Education team is responsible for continuing medical education, preparation of educational materials, market research related to clinician perceptions and behaviors, and assessment of the impact of various educational strategies. It focuses on content creation, delivery to learners, and assessment of the impact of educational programs.

Resonance Education Platform

The Resonance Education Platform provides tools for self-learning, group learning, interactive learning, asynchronous interactive learning, and continuous learning.

  • Self-learning – downloadable and online lectures, articles, and cases; email alerts with new information or the “case of the day” or “article of the month”
  • Group learning – downloadable and online material suitable for guided learning by groups of healthcare providers (e.g. oncology nurses, fellows, members of the same practice); online interactive seminars; online interactive case discussions in which healthcare providers present and discuss their own patients with experts available to answer questions and provide guidance and teaching
  • Interactive learning – real-time discussions by phone or web-based technology that meet specific educational needs; online educational content in which the user must actively engage to master the material
  • Asynchronous interactive learning – case-based discussions of educational content in which users and expert commentators post questions and comments when their schedule permits. Summaries are provided after a suitable period of commentary and asynchronous discussion (usually 2 weeks after launching the activity)
  • Continuous individualized learning – When integrated with the Resonance Patient Center™, the Resonance Education Platform facilitates continuous learning by providing real-time, customized, and individualized feedback on patient care decisions.

Resonance Education Collaborations

The Resonance Education team works with individuals, practices, hospitals, health systems, industry, and government to meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals around the world. Team members have experience with speaker programs, including recruiting and training speakers, continuing medical education, seminars and discussions, and online education and mentoring.

Resonance Education Content

Resonance Education focuses on improving care for patients with cancer and rare diseases, which are two areas of particular importance for educating healthcare professionals.  Specific content depends on the needs of learners and sponsors.